Meal Time In Swenglish

I came across this really cool YouTube channel. It’s called Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time or ROSMT in short. And get this – it’s about cooking. Now you might probably ask – “Cooking? What’s so cool about that?” Read on to find out.

1)      ROSMT is about a group of ordinary Swedish guys who cook Swedish food. But this isn’t your ordinary cooking show. It’s a cooking show with a difference. Meet Mr. Fox, their kitchen pet.

2)  The recipes don’t make any sense at all (which I think is the best part) but in the end, they actually make edible food.

3)   Niclas Lundberg – the chef – will make you smile on a bad day.   

4) It's in Swenglish but they have awesome subtitles (yes, they're really creative with subtitles)

5) This is one of the channels with videos you would love to mimic.  It might even make you want to go the kitchen and try all the stunts much to your mom’s annoyance.

6)   From this show, one will find out the many different ways to peel and cut vegetables, knead dough, melt butter and mix the ingredients. 

7)  Best part of all – it will have you rolling on the floor laughing. 
Don't forget a pre-dinner snack! Mayo, it's good for you!


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